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A Service Company

Coley/Forrest, Inc. is an economics consulting firm that was established in 1981. The firm advises governments, special districts, developers, asset managers, investment bankers, private firms and non-profit organizations regarding issues related to economic feasibility,  development strategies, public/private partnerships, public finance, and fiscal impacts. 


We help clients evaluate the fiscal impacts and economic implications of alternative development approaches, structure and negotiate innovative solutions, and create achievable plans that add value to the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  Our approach is collaborative, precise, cost-effective and creative.

Our Business Practice

    •    Viable public and public/private techniques to finance desired capital improvements, including transportation, parking, parks, open space, recreation, schools, fire stations, drainage and other improvements;


•  Economic forecasts of population, housing and employment for regions and metropolitan areas;


•    Real estate feasibility analyses for developers, asset managers, districts, pension funds and local governments, which identify market potential for specific parcels or general areas of concern;


•     Expert witness testimony regarding market feasibility and public finance in eminent domain and district bankruptcy cases;


•     Informal public/private sector “mediation" and innovative solutions regarding public finance and economic development issues;


•     Fiscal evaluation and fiscal impact analyses for local governments and districts on a case by case or jurisdiction wide basis;


•     Revenue projections for general fund (property tax, sales tax, real estate transfer tax, etc.) and enterprise fund (tap fees and user fees) accounts for governments and investment bankers;


•    Economic development plans of action that propose specific and specialized approaches to accomplish desired economic development objectives.


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