Website Links...
Here are some websites that you might find useful.

National Economy - Key Indicators
Rogers Economics
This website is a good source for national economic indicators; it is easy to access and well organized.  Be warned that Mark Rogers, the web site producer, also promotes his book and newsletter on the site.

National Economy - Commentary
The Brookings Institution
I think The Brookings Institution provides high-quality, fair and measured commentary on national economic and social issues.  Of course, others may disagree.

Colorado Economy
Colorado Department of Education
If you are looking for a comprehensive site to pull any data compiled State of Colorado agencies, then you cannot beat this source.  You can dig deep into information about housing, revenues, employment, traffic, education, natural resources and many more topics.

The Adams Group, Inc.
If you are looking for a forecast condensed to one or a few words, then this is your site; go to "Colorado Indicators."  It is produced by Tucker Hart Adams.

Social Enterprise
Ashoka International
Skoll Foundation
If you are looking for a dose of inspiration from individuals who are making a difference, spend some time visiting these two sites.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford's Center for Social Innovation is a 'best in class" business school that promotes social entrepreneurship in an academic setting.  The Stanford Social Innovation Review is extraordinary.

Please revisit this page from time to time as the list of websites changes.