Win Together...


Win Together is a practice group of experienced individuals with decades of experience in race feasibility, operations, management and sponsor development and related business considerations.  We provide practical and cost-effective advice to potential public, nonprofit and corporate race sponsors and organizers, designed to fit each client’s unique needs. 


Services that we provide include event feasibility, business plan, budget, schedule and cash flow, sponsor development, advice regarding race operations and race services, and event economic impacts.  


Each assignment is tailored to the unique needs of our client and often conducted in discrete phases.  When preparing our work, we might include:


Event considerations (competitive market environment, type of events (5K, 10K, marathon, relay, female-only, etc.), date, location, expo, charity partner program, potential participation, etc.


Governance and management considerations (free-standing, for-profit vs. non-profit, salaried and volunteer staffing requirements)


Race operations (types of experts required, general cost expectations, list of experienced specialists to consider, request-for-proposal design)


Strategic Alliances (municipalities, running clubs, chambers of commerce, service organizations, other events)


Revenues (sponsorships, registrations, branding relationships, in-kind services)


Costs (management, operations, techniques to save costs)


Financial feasibility (cash flow, sensitivity / stress test analysis)


Volunteers (number needed, recruitment and management ideas)


Next steps to pursue. 



Creigh Kelley.

Win Together is a collaboration between Coley/Forrest and BKB, Ltd.  Creigh Kelley, owner of BKB Ltd., has been a competitor, agent, national consultant and elected leader in the national and international running community for 30 years.  As president of BKB, Ltd, he has managed, produced and directly assisted with over 1,000 recreation events throughout the US.


A sampling of his recent and continuing work includes:  Chairman of the Operations Board and Race Director of the Navy Marathon; national consultant for Races for Hope™, the Prostate Cancer PACE ™Race Series, and the Zooma Run ™Women’s Race Series; consultant to several marathons in the inauguration and initial production including the Akron Marathon, the Colorado Colfax Marathon, the Colorado Marathon, the Cozumel Marathon and the Cancun Marathon. 


As a committed leader in the national and international running community, Creigh has held office with the USA Track and Field National Long Distance Running Division, chaired the USA Track and Field Men’s Long Distance Running Committee, been the team leader of the U.S. Men’s Ekiden Relay Team, the USA World Cup Marathon in Korea and the USA World Road Relay Men’s Team and a founding member and officer of Running USA.


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